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Jumat, 28 Januari 2011

Club History

MILAN headquarters was first established in the 'Fiaschetteria Toscana' on Via Berchet in Milan, in 1899. From the moment that's a great history of football club AC Milan, to be born as the club's record books to carve his name in football, especially in the last 15 years, becoming one of the most famous and most successful team in the world.

History Rossoneri carved by the legendary names who have contributed to the development of the club, whether they are a president, coach, or player.
The first president of AC Milan is a British expatriate, Alfred Edwards, who gives the victory of the championship for the first time, which occurred 2 years after the founding of the club.President with the most championships won is Silvio Berlusconi took over AC Milan reached the top of the game in the world, in 1986.

A great team needs a great coach, and Milan certainly have gained knowledge from the exceptional talent coach. They-they are Gipo Viani, Nereo Rocco and Nils Liedholm was allenatore in the early-first, and followed by Arrigo Sacchi and Fabio Capello who use tactics and strategies at a new level, which heralded as a modern football team with the implementation of the game .

along his journey, each person involved in it also convince the public to always play spectacular football.

The man who led Milan in the Berlusconi era was followed by Sacchi and Capello, who won the championship trophy.

Sacchi won back the European Cup (Champions League, now) with a team that is considered the greatest team in history, or known as "The Dream Team". Also won the Serie A title, the Intercontinental and European Super Cup.

Capello followed with 4 league titles, 1 European Cup, and 1 European Super Cup. Alberto Zaccheroni maintain the tradition of champions, to lead this team to get first league title in the early years of his leadership, before the Turkish coach, Fatih Terim, took over in a short period and release control of the team to Carlo Ancelotti.

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