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Jumat, 28 Januari 2011

Van Bommel: Sneijder I Do Not Want To Milan

New players admitted that the Rossoneri have time to consult with Inter Milan midfielder.
AC Milan's new player Mark van Bommel of the Netherlands claimed compatriot Wesley Sneijder had not turned out to bless him to join the Rossoneri.

Van Bommel and Sneijder are two peers whoare both existed as the Dutch national team player .

"Sneijder is my heavy chum. I was never contacted him. At that time he actually suggested that I do not have to join to Milan," said van Bommel.

"At that time he admitted to not want to meet with a player as strong as me! But I say I can not wait to play derby [Milan]. I've often watched the game on television and frankly the game is incredible."

"I do not have contact Clarence Seedorf before transfer. Because I would know if he would say Milan is a great club and he would say you should not let a precious opportunity was gone."

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