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Jumat, 28 Januari 2011

Milanello Sports Centre

Diresktrukturusasi and perfectly re renovations during Silvio Berlusconi's leadership. Milanello sports center now is the most prestigious and innovative in Europe.

The atmosphere at Milanello Training Team
The atmosphere at Milanello Training Team
Located on a hill at 300m above sea level, with a distance of only 50km from the city of Milan, and near the town of Varese, Milanello can be reached easily via the motorway.

This sports center, built in 1963, which took place on the prairie 160 000 square meter area, which also consists of pine forests and small lakes located between the city Carnago, Cassano Magnago and Cairate.

Milanello today represents an important asset not only to club AC Milan, but also for the Italian football system as a whole. This can be seen from the seriousness Andrea Rizzoli in building it.

Sequel confirmed by Silvio Berlusconi, who with her hope to provide coaches, trainers, and players a comprehensive sports center which is designed for all needs.

Advanced facilities in Milanello been used also by the Italian Football Association (PSSI his FIGC-Italy) for the preparation of national teams for important tournaments like the European Cup in 1988, 1996, and 2000.

By completeness, Milanello consists of six regular field, 1 grass synthesis of (an area of 35x30m), 1 indoor field with synthetic ground (42x24m), and a small outdoor grass field called "Cage", because the field is surrounded by high walls and 2.3 m closed down 2.5 m. tall fence

Inside the cage, the game will never stop, with the ball always moving to be able to add speed. Running track made of wooden boards with a length of about 1.200m in height variations that are often used during the season for physical training (running and cycling) and the recovery of injured players.

The main building is a central building with two floors (plus basement) office, chamber player, heated room, TV room, swimming pool, bar, kitchen, 2 dining room, press room, meeting room, laundry, and the Medical Centre

The following main building is the building for guests is placed, also some players from the Young Player of the Department of stay. These young players come from various places in Italy and from abroad as well. Going to school like two teenagers in general, and in the afternoons they attend training sessions in the field to hone their skills.

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