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Jumat, 28 Januari 2011

Galliani Value Allegri As Capello

AC Milan vice president Adriano Galliani gave praise to Massimiliano Allegri. Galliani Allegri assess the work ethic as a former Milan coach Fabio Capello.

If Allegri able to match performance ever achieved by Capello with Milan, Galliani optimistic that the Rossoneri will be more advanced in the future.

"If the players have the character you want, it's all because of coach we want them like that," said Galliani told reporters.
"From some aspects, he is almost similar to Capello, and I always try to give support to him. There is already an understanding with Allegri. "

Galliani also feel sure Milan will be able to maintain their good performance, despite injury problems faced by players.

"I have spoken to the medical team and Allegri. We have many injured players, but we also have young players and the arrival of new faces. We hope to maintain this performance, "said Galliani.

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