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Senin, 22 November 2010

This is the impression Baresi about Milanisti Indonesia

Although only three days in Jakarta, the legendary AC Milan player, Franco Baresi, was impressed with atmofser Milanisti Indonesia. He was grateful because it has been greeted warmly by Milanisti Indonesia.

Since his arrival, Baresi was immediately greeted like a hero Milanisti at Soekarno-Hatta Airport on Thursday (04/29/2010). Baresi Milanisti also remain welcome when he arrived at the JW Marriot hotel in the afternoon.

On the next day, the amount of time Baresi Milanisti more visits to media offices, namely RCTI and Kompas Gramedia. The peak Saturday (05/01/2010), Milanisti gathered from across Indonesia in the field D Senayan, Jakarta, witnessed Baresi.
"I am deeply moved by the many Milanisti here. Thank you so much because we can share the experience together. This is my first time to Indonesia. Very impressive. Antusisame Milanisti here is huge. Thank you so much for all this," said the legend .

Baresi himself had returned to Italy in the afternoon. He promised to bring a message to all the Milan players in there that Milanisti Indonesia is extraordinary.

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