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Sabtu, 20 November 2010

Formed early......

The club was founded by two British expatriates, namely Herbert Kilpin and Alfred Edwards under the name Cricket and Football Club in Milan on December 16, 1899. At that time, Edwards became the first club president Milan and Kilpin became the first team captain of Milan. Winter 1901, Milan won his first title as the Italian soccer champions, after beating Genoa CFC 3-0 in the Italian Football Championship final. In 1908, some players from Italy and the players from Switzerland who do not like the Italians and British dominance in the core of Milan's squad at the time, broke away from Milan and Internazionale form.

Period GreNoLi

In the decade of the 50s, Milan feared in world football field because it has GreNoLi trio, which consisted of Gunnar Gren, Gunnar Nordahl and Nils Liedholm. All three are players from Sweden. Gren and Nordahl sector operates in front as a striker, while supporting the attack as an attacker Liedholm shadow (playmaker). The team at this time also inhabited by a group of quality players in his era, such as Lorenzo Buffon, Cesare Maldini, and Carlo Annovazzi. AC Milan's most successful victory by Juventus created February 5, 1950, with the score 7-1, and Gunnar Nordahl scored a hat-trick.

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